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Ice Festival Doc - student project

Ice Festival Doc - image 1 - student projectAndrew,

Here's my screen capture. Would like to have cleaned the audio up some more - especially the wind noise during the interview, but just didn't have time. Hoping you'll go over how to "fix it in post"! LOL!

Vimeo link:

Ice Festival Doc - image 2 - student project


OK, here's week my Week 2 Timeline snapshot. As I used transitions and an effect LAST week, I didn't do too much more with those this week. The PIP sequence from last week was done with SplitScreen and of course I used the Diagnoal transition to get from the Bonfire footage which opens the piece, to Eric's interview. Pat Benatar's FIRE & ICE was just a no brainer, for the soundtrack--hope its OK we use such just for instruction purposes? Thanks for the tips on moving things around the timeline via comma and period keys! That's SO much more handy that playing "guess how many frames to + or - the clip! I enjoyed adding the music and don't find working with audio to be a problem. Again, I WOULD have liked to have cleaned up some of Eric's interview audio to see if we can eliminate some of that wind rumble, but …I think that's a job for iZotope, or some similar tool?!?!

I did do some tweaking here and there and hope you feel this week's work is an improvement. My video should be on Vimeo by later this afternoon (Sat.)

Fun stuff! Thanks - talk to ya Sunday eve?


Ice Festival Doc - image 3 - student project

OK. Here is the snapshot from my final project timeline.  This video includes both my original cut and this week's cut with some additonal interview and ice carving footage. I made some color corrections that I think did help the contrast and made a change to the color in Eric's coat. I'd like to have added a shape mask as you did to tweak his skintone a bit, but I found that, as he talked, he kept bobbing in and out of the mask, and tracking that is a job for Motion, I believe- so another reason for that class! I DID add another "something special" to this just for you Andrew, so I hope you enjoy the "intermission" between cuts! I had fun with this and I did finally get my mind around the color correction tools--so thanks SO much for that help! Looking forward to your email about a Motion class! See ya Sunday!