Ice Fest

Ice Fest - student project

Here's the link to my 30 second clip:

And my second clip:

This was so much fun. I couldn't figure out how to get a title before the project started, so my opening title and the name/description title are the same format. That's probably bad form, but my amatuer eyes think it looks okay.

I didn't find any of the tools a hinderance, although I really didn't want to add any visual effects to the clips. I went with one that's barely noticeable at the end. 

I found it was really interesting how much the soundtrack changed the tone of the video. I thought the one I chose had the feel I wanted, but it's quicker tempo made some of my clips seem like they were dragging. I ended up keeping the audio and chopping up the clips.  

Jessica Wallace

Writer / Content Strategist at Data with a Soul