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James Aguda

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Ice Fest Final Project

PROJECT # 3 (Video Here)

Workspace Overview Screenshot

(I'm including detailed screenshots because it's hard to see them in the overview)...

This is my second attempt at color correcting this project because FCPX stopped autosaving my first  attempt.  Then FCPX froze so I had to restart.  Consequently, I lost all my work and hours put into it.  I just wanted to get it done and posted so this is not as polished as my first attempt. 

Primary & Secondary Color Correction:

Correction 1 is the primary color correction to balance the color temperature and to get the look I wanted.  Correction 2 is the secondary color correction using mask shapes to increase the inside global exposure slightly while decreasing the outside global exposure to guide the attention more towards Erik. 

Audio EQ:

I equalized Erik's interview because of the windnoise.  I tried to eliminate the harshness of the sound by reducing the lows.  I also added the b-roll of him carving where the windnoise exist to help guide the attention away from the harsh sound. 


I reframed most clips to eliminate unwanted elements in the frame or to have a better shot composition.


I retimed several clips for better timing and pacing.


PROJECT # 2 (Video Here)

Workspace Overview Screenshot

(I'm including detailed screenshots because it's hard to see them in the overview).


I used three Assembler Titles and stacked them.  The top one has just 'MANAYUNK' (Rotation adjusted), the second has 'ON ICE' (Rotation adjusted) and the bottom contains the bottom title information. 

Effects - Film Burn:

The three connected clips (top) are filmburns.  I changed the compositing to overlay and reduced the opacity to around 60% where the transition from Kevn to Dan's work and from Dan to the Ice Fire scene.

Effects - SliceX:

I experimented with this effect because I wanted a more shallow depth of field effect and there wasn't much movement on this clip so keyframing wasn't too bad.

Compound Clip / J & L Cuts:

My Compound Clip is the second clip after the timelapse.  I created a loop based on the audio waveform and created a Compound Clip to help in keyframing for Kevin's audio. 

I used plenty of 'J' and 'L' cuts to minimize clutter in my Storyline. 

Sound Mix:

I keyframed and audio ducked for interview & announcer's audio.  I added natural sounds from the tools.  I used the announcer's audio, "we're gonna start the fun, right away!" as a transition from the second soundtrack to the final soundtrack. 

My process:

I built on my previous version and since time wasn't an issue, I added a little more detail and more interviews.  I added more b-roll on each sculptor and tried to build on the story to carry it all the way to the fun ending.  I believe 2 minutes was more than enough to complete a full story of the event. 

Did you use a secondary storyline or a compound clip?  If so, why?

I used a compound clip for combining a loop that I made of the guitar player from 0:01 to 0:16 to better keyframe the audio for ducking for the interview audio. 

How did you find editing audio levels?

Easy & straight forward because it's option/point/click/drag.  Nothing easier than that!

Were effects more of a help on hindrance?

Effects helped transition from one scultor to the next.  Additionally, I rarely use my CoreMelt SliceX Depth of Field Shape Mask effect so I used it for this project on a 2 second clip of Dan's interview at 0:48 to make him pop more from the background - just a subtle effect for experimentation.  Nonetheless, I think it helped. 


PROJECT # 1 (Video Here)

My Process:

This is my rough cut and of course it is still rough - I wanted to do so many things but I was getting stuck in an analysis paralysis so I wanted to get things in the storyline as fast a possible.  This is what I got so far.

I wanted to incorporate sounds from the actual event so I used the guitar as the first soundtrack and techno as the ending soundtrack because of the segue of the announcer saying, "we're gonna start the fun, right away".  

The timelapse in the beginning seemed appropriate to me and the dissolve to the guitar player to establish a visual and auditory connection to the viewer.  I retimed and/or reversed a few clips to match the next shot or to help carry the shot to next clip.  

I used the interview regarding the art and a big audience so I can use b-roll of people and crowds.

I like to use natural transitions (either visual or sounds) captured with the camera.  

Lastly, I sped up the cuts after :20 to match the sound and feel of the shots.  I also added some matched shots with the "LOVE" sculpture.  I really like the ending shot with the artist playing with his art.





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