Ice Cream Truck - FINAL | Skillshare Projects

Ice Cream Truck - FINAL

I added a hint more texture in this last one, but you can only see when it's full size.

This was a big learning experience and I'm happy that I learned techniques from this class that I wouldn't have known otherwise.  I've also learned that I tend to be more lax with sketching because I want to jump into the real work, only to discover that halfway through I'm stuck and took on more than I can handle given my time constraints.  This happened to me with the push on making the truck seem LOUD.  Nonetheless, I can always come back to it.  :)  Any feedback is appreciated.

Due to time constraints, I decided to focus on the truck without the chasing kids.  Here's a basic color scheme.  It's still got a lot of work.  RIght now, I'm planning on doing some background elements and making the awning striped. 

Working on a vector of the truck

Sketching out some images for the truck.  The letters need to be tweaked, but it's the general idea.

I'm starting to get a better feeling for the truck and how I want the outside to look.  I'm going to play around with the menu and larger images.

Now that the warmer weather is arriving, ice cream trucks are starting to make their way out into the city.  I've always been fascinated with the asthetics of ice cream trucks and am interested in designing my own.


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