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Ice Cream Envy

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to create a design using one of my favourite foods - Ice Cream!  The idea behind my design is simply "I love ice cream", and I wanted to create a simple, yet eye catching image that portrayed that idea.  No matter how old I get, ice cream still makes me feel like a kid, so I wanted that to come across in my design as well.

I basically just started with a 4 scoop ice cream cone with a cherry on top, but I felt it was a bit bare.  That's when I added the envious looking face in the background.  I recalled from cartoons I've seen where a characters eyes become the object they want, so I made the eyes using the shape of one of the ice cream scoops.  And like anyone (maybe just me) who loves ice cream, I added in a little drool mark in the corner of his mouth.  

Here's my design so far.  Please let me know what you think; I'd love to hear any constructive criticism you have and any ways I could improve this design.  I hope you like it! Thanks!

I've received some great feedback from the Skillshare community and have added a few extra touches to my design.  Below is an updated version of my design.  Hope you all like it, although I feel like something is still missing?


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