Ice Caves At Dusk - A Rare Wonder | Skillshare Projects

Ice Caves At Dusk - A Rare Wonder

Children thrill among once in a life time ice cave formations at dusk while other family members take a moment to reflect on their own thoughts at an event that as many as three generations of locals hd never seen happen on frozen Lake Erie. Its a bitter, bone chilling cold evening.  Nevertheless, its as if the temperature goes untoticed. - The extremely rare ice caves formed after weeks of high winds, snow and atypical subzero weather conditions in Southern Ontario.

The unusual wonders, had developed in a number of shapes and sizes ranging from as high as 12 feet to just a few feet high, having openings large enough for several people to walk or crawl through at a time. There were even some narrow ice bridges that had formed more than 10 feet above the frozen lake.


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