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IT4HR training course

Main usage was in LinkedIn 

Made the standard opener along with a provocative visual (I found and credited)

Title: Do you make similar mistakes? 


Hi, <name>, 

Hare you heard of the jokes about unprepared IT recruiters? 

HRs and recruiters without a tech background can make their first interview with an IT specialist after our one-day crash course IT4HR. 

The training is suitable for recently joined junior team members, as well as for recruiters with years of experience, that just need the context of IT job openings. 

During the course 
- You'll understand basic practices on how to search for a suitable candidates;
- You'll learn how to find the best fit for a position;
- You'll become more confident for that upcoming interview;
- You'll learn how to help in making better relations between functional teams in your organization. 

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