ISP concerns / Huawei routers

ISP concerns / Huawei routers - student project

I wasn't able to 'start a discussion' so i'm writing here...

Would you happen to know if the firewall - dual router setup would be enough to combat any concerns with my Huawei router? Or where could I learn about such possible attack vectors.. I want to be able to track Network I/O and throttle the rate. Sometimes I experience strange things lol and I use the scientific method to figure out which apps are exhibiting the new behaviours/sounds. I'm sure sometimes it is something innocent like Spotify and Apple Music adding a feature to partition pause/play for stream counting purposes - but I am highly interested and motivated to learn more about Cyber sec (I'm working through this course, which is so far excellent) because at some point working to figure out the boundary between security and plain paranoia is a boundary I would prefer to be distinguishable aka What is going on in the background ! Innocent auto-updates or Russians/Chinese lol. And i have seen at least IP addresses from russia and ukraine targeting access to certain accounts after I dissed RT, so i'm pretty sure it happens to regular folks, but i'm pretty sure i'm not remotely interesting to them - although i recently heard China's strategy is just to grab anything and everything datawise. I'd like to stop that, and at least have some confidence in my security measures & deterrences.