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ISO On Target Tagline

I'm working on a new tag for my 18+ year old consulting firm that provides strategy and marketing help to nonprofits and business. My core target audience is animal protection organizations, but I also do some work for other types of nonprofits as well as businesses. There many problems strategically with having a dual target audience, especially around speaking a language that's relevant to both. "Results" and hard-charging language works for business but not the nonprofits. Softer appeals to heart or idealism are great for the advocates but not for folks focused on the bottom-line.

The one thought I want to get through regardless is that I help people cut through the confusion to see what's most important for them to do to succeed. Here's how clients described what's different about how I do that: 

"She can get to the heart of the matter right away and clear the way for decision making and processing, unlike anyone I've ever worked with."

"Her greatest strength is to process large amounts of info, distill it, and make sense of it. It's a running joke here that you can blab at her for 20 minutes and she'll come back with 5 clean bullets that captures what you said. That's how her brain works."

The logo you see here is new, while the PVG name is longstanding. The tag I've been using with this logo is "Get to What Matters." Some new ideas include:

Get on target

Get to the point

Get to the heart of the matter

Zero in on success

Make a point of success

Focus on significance

Focus to go beyond

Focus to prevail

Know how to succeed

Know how. Do now.

Bonus points for anyone who can make a creative title to go with any of this. My current title of "Strategic Idealist" gets kudos from my nonprofit folks, but isn't a great fit for biz.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!





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