ISHI - student project

Hi, I'm Blake. Here's a link to my Website.

I am designing a poster for Ishi, a local Dallas band. I have been a fan of theirs since I caught them opening for Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights a while back. They put on a really fun show and I have been catching them play whenever I can since.

Project :

I am going to create a poster for an upcoming show of theirs at the Granada Theater. 

Doing my background research I learned that the name Ishi was actually the name of the last member of the Yahi, the last surviving group of the Yana people of the U.S. state of California. Ishi was widely acclaimed in his time as the "last wild Indian". After reading this the bands visual directions made a lot more sense to me.

ISHI - image 1 - student project

So I started playing around with some ideas merging the indian imagery with modern society playing with Ishi's introduction to the real world when he wandered out of the wilderness blah dee blah da blah. That wasn't capturing the energy and electric groove that I think the band carries with them.

So I circled back to some of the strongest visual elements that identify Ishi (the band). JT, the lead singer, more often than not always wears his headress and robe. And the band as a whole will wear these sweet electric shades (see new album cover below) when playing shows indoors with their lasers rocking.

ISHI - image 2 - student project

ISHI - image 3 - student project

So the strongest of my current (super quick and dirty) sketches is what you see below. I am digging just the headress and the glasses floating in the blackness with their name cleanly tucked near the bottom. I am going to drop out his kick ass mustache because I feel that the design will have better hiearchy if there is just the glasses and headress balancing out the type. All supporting date/location info will be mouse typed small and clean across the bottom.

ISHI - image 4 - student project

ISHI - image 5 - student project

I am going to be knocking out some much tighter sketches of this design in the next day showing the detail in the headress and the treatment for the glow radiating off of the glasses. I would love to be able to screen print these onto a black stock someday and will be keeping that in mind as I create my layouts. Looking forward to tightening this design up.