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ISH | Home Studio Assignment: Vocal Tests

Hey Young Guru & classmates,

Thanks for making the time to check out my assignment. Below is the direct result of the assignment work, a playlist of each test recording:

Notes About Each Recording

VOCAL 1: This one I favored and used with a slight mix with the instrumental on the playlist's first track. It uses the high pass filter and enabled preattenuation switch. That's some pre-EQ'ing as I record live, and to me, it sat decently in the beat without in-depth mixing.


Used a couple Waves plugins for preamp and compressor with basic presets, just to stay true to the focus of a raw vocal in my edited room setup. *Scheps 73 Preamp was used on all recordings.

VOCAL 2: I turned off the mic's high-pass switch for this one. It sounds more open with sharper frequencies, assuming that response was influenced more by the room.

VOCAL 3: Both the mic's high-pass and preattenuation are turned off on this take. Without any gain from my interface, this recording went into the red a few times, peaking at 7.1db (screenshot further down). I figure even more unwanted frequencies from the room were picked up here as well.

Video Blogs to Document Assignment Process

I go more in-depth about my setup process and what I specifically gain from Young Guru's lessons. The second of the three can be watched here.

Photos of Room Setup




* When I conducted the actual recordings, I forgot to record into the closet like I originally intended. It's something I'll experiment with, I guess now it's an additional modifier to consider sometimes instead of a required adjustment.

My Equipment

• AKG Perception 400


• Steinberg UR22 USB Audio Interface


• ESI NEar 05 ('Classics' = Oldies I need new monitors lol)


• Macbrook Pro


Software: Logic Pro X

Other Equipment (Didn't use in the assignment, just wanted to share what I work with day to day):

• Ableton Push + Live Suite 9

• Alesis Q49 MIDI Keyboard Controller

Thanks again for checking out my work and providing feedback! Cheers to more learning and opportunity in creativity!

- Ish


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