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The name of our brand is called IQNY which stands for In Queens New York. The name was first created around 4 years ago, when my friend and I wanted to create a name that stood for who we are. Now scattered across the U.S. in various colleges from UC Berkeley to the University of Michigan to Stony Brook, we still keep to our roots and are now sharing what we love. We are now currently composed of 3 aspiring individuals from Queens, New York who are designing articles of clothing we want to wear.

As for the vision of the brand, we are looking to release small collections, which surround a specific theme. The themes are used as a guideline not only to direct our brand's growth, but also depict our current interests. The first collection we are working on is called Summer League. The concept is about creating our version of the perfect “athletic-related” wear. It is currently in a rough stage, but the pictures below are some concepts that represent the overall aesthetics we are looking to bring forth.



Slogan: Stay Genuine

Mission Statement: Bring new perspectives on classic ideas and collections through innovative designs. 

Dog Days NY Reversible Pinnie 

  • This pinnie is for balling on the burning concrete on bright summer days.
  • The reversible pinnie  is for you and your friends to distinguish your squads during the never ending pickup games.
  • This is our twist on the terrible smelling pinnies we wore during high school. 

Dog Days NY Shorts

  • To match your sick jersey!
  • Offered in 2 colorways: White with Black Accents / Black with White Accents 

Jogger Pants


  • Not your ordinary pair of golf pants. They are tapered, cuffed and have a built in adjustable strap belt.
  • Offered in 3 colorways: Blackwatch Tartan / Beige / Light Navy
  • The back pockets have zippers to cater to those who tend to lose their wallets and other such valuable items.

Maritime Champs

  • I just love nautical themed articles of clothing. The shirt is my version of when a striped tee meets a championship tee.
  • The stripes on the front say Queens, while mimicking waves.
  • 94 represents the year we were all born.
  • The 3 penants have specific details which contain significances to our lives. 

3 flags on the back of the tee:

IQNY Summer League Jersey

  • This jersey is for the kids who could not make the travel team, but played for the little league. This is our version of that coveted jersey.
  • The sleeve design would be a stitched on patch.
  • The number 94 on the back represents the year the founders of IQ were born. The numbers are a play on Manchester United's jersey numbers.

The Script Strapback

  • This hat is an ode to a classic baseball script logo. 
  • We choose a strap in the back to fit all head sizes. Plus it looks pretty awesome. 
  • Gold metal buckle for a contrast to the white accents.
  • IQNY stitched on the back.

Large Icon:

Small Icon:

At the end of the day we are all a bunch of kids trying to create things we love. 

Stay Vibin' and Jivin'. 


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