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INTASTE | Connecting the lovers to the makers


Intaste intends to spread the love of food and wine by connecting the lovers to the makers.

At present, there is no simple, easy way to discover and book encounters with those who have committed their lives to producing typical or local products.

Intaste is a platform for the food and wine loving community, locals and travelers alike, offering the possibility to gain first-hand, in-depth knowledge from artisans through a unique experience directly with the producer.

Intaste provides the ability to book these food and wine experiences with skilled artisans, from factory tours to winery tastings and visits, all in one place via mobile phone.

Intaste is centered around values to protect local culinary traditions, preserve diversity and cultural heritage, and to promote artisanship in gastronomy & winemaking

With the mission to celebrate life, love, and the art of food, Intaste seeks to bridge generations of know-how with new generation design and commerce.

Proudly being Made with Love in Italy.

Photocredit: Modern Farmer

Assets: Italian DNA. A prototype and a whole lot of elbow grease. A few strategic partnerships.

Resources: CEO and CTO in place, MUST concentrate on building a team with hard skills in Finance, Marketing, Development and Design, deeply passionate and aligned with the mission.

Photocredit: GardaNotizie


The Epicurean- gourmet locals and traveling foodies. What do they do? Eat, drink, dine, cook, travel, explore, write, shop online, share, take photos. They are city-dwellers, suburbanites, and rural daisies, all united in love of food and wine.

Customer Tribes: 

“Rurbanites” who make and grow their own food, buy only what they can carry, do not trust industrial food and seek convivial, communal experiences.

“DIY Foodies” who want to meet the maker, understand artisanal skill-sets, are pro-amateurs, slow foodies who revive retro cooking, make-their-own preserves and drinks from harvests and share knowledge.

“New Gents” who look to the past for their food and drink experiences and are very interested in antiquated packaging, stories behind food, education in time-honored practices and “make do and mend”.

The customer:

-wants to know how a product is made directly from the people who do it

-wants to better understand their choices as a consumer

-wants to discover,  engage, connect, experience, and share

-wants to go to the places where creation happens

Photocredit: Battista Ferrero

Photocredit: @In_taste instagram


Photocredit: Dairygoes

Need money? Yes.

+cash flow? Yes. Profitability? Yes.

What are the assets the money will go to pay for? Development of the prototype into a beautiful, functional, engaging app aka the product. 

How long before money returned? As soon as possible to achieve +cash flow (approx 6 months).

Do you hope to sell? Not for a while at least! Wouldn't rule out the possibility, though.

For how much? What it's worth.


Price? Variable based on offering. avg $20-$100

Cost per each unit? None, the most cost lies in overhead. 

Overhead- salaries*, outsourced labor, legal, taxes, tech.


Need feedback on: Pricing, Positioning, Story



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