INKy Sea Horses

INKy Sea Horses - student project

So, I've gathered the courange to use my inks after seeing this class.

All the examples were truly inspiring. 


Anna, since you drew a magical owl, I wanted to change a bit and drew magical sea horses. I mainly used the Onestroke technique from the poppies video with bold ink colors.

INKy Sea Horses - image 1 - student project

I used a Canson cold-pressed watercolor paper, Winsor & Newton and Koh-i-noor green and magenta inks, black Higgins ink with a fountain pen (my fav :) ), white Posca pen and Dylusions ink sprays. I also combined the inks with sea water for this drawing and I could get some great effects:

INKy Sea Horses - image 2 - student project

INKy Sea Horses - image 3 - student project

A collage with the process:

INKy Sea Horses - image 4 - student project


Hope you like it.

I had fun with these inks, maybe too much fun :)

Madalina Fortuna
Color like it's no tomorrow!