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INK and Digital coloring


Hi! My name is Francesca! I'm an aspiring Illustrator "self-taught" and this is my sketch project. 

I've always admired artists from SVA NY and Yuko is one of these!

I took the opportunity to follow videos of a great professional artist, thanks to Yuko I finally have a clearer view on the techniques of inking. The hardest part for me was finding a good idea to illustrate. I'm going through a bad patch with my art and it's hard to find inspiration.

I probably have the wrong different textures, maybe... i don't know... I'm not good at coloring, I'd love to learn. so (I hope) there will be some videos on techniques for coloring by Yuko Shimizu... one day!

In any case, this is a great online course, I recommend it to everyone. I love skillshare because it's very good to learn and feel motivated!

Thanks Yuko!  



Digital Coloring with Photoshop CS5


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