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Anthony Goodman

Founder, Ink Fiends





Ink Fiends is a brand that believes in permanently pursuing your passion. Our company name is broken down into two parts. The “INK” part stands for permanency and longevity because something that is written in ink is forever and our dreams are forever. The “FIEND” part represents a person that stops at nothing to get what they want and will work until their dreams are achieved.

When you bring these two things together you get a person that is permanently striving to get what they want, whether it’s a dream or goal. Ink Fiends are dream chasers and risk takers. We don’t just come up with big dreams; we chase them and work day and night to achieve them. There are no days off on the long journey to bring your dreams to life.


I first started selling shirts to friends back in high school during my senior year. Our first order of t-shirts that we ever made was our original logo t-shirt. We had thirty-four t-shirts made with that first order for our logo t-shirt. I took the t-shirts to school the next day and sold twenty shirts before the lunch bell rang. It was a surreal and invigorating feeling and from that moment on I knew that I wanted to build a successful t-shirt brand.

 Once I graduated from high school and moved onto college I began spreading my brand to kids who went to college with me. Our brand was immediately accepted and we steadily started to build a loyal following of customers and fans. Being in college these last four years has allowed me to take the time to properly develop and mature the Ink Fiends clothing brand and company. Our objective is simple and that’s to push people to permanently pursue their passions and life goals. You might as well look good while chasing down your dreams and that’s where we come in. We’re the Dream Team.

For the past three years we have sponsored a fashion show on our school campus that not only highlights the different styles that we offer as a brand but also highlights the different talented musicians and performers who attend our school. The fashion shows have allowed us to showcase our different collections during the spring and summer months of the year.

The majority of our sales have come from our online store and website and directly through our constant interaction with our fans.

This clothing company is more than a hobby; it’s my life and my dream. You only live once, and nothing is going to stop me from bringing my dreams to life.

What the future holds for us and our dreams:


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