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I've always had a severe hatred for all bloodsuckers, and found many outdoor activities unbearable when in the mists of an insectoid feeding swarm. This has thus lead me to design an outdoor hoodie that incorporates a mosquito protection mesh into the hood section of the hoodie, which protects the wearer from anything that's trying to suck their blood.

I'm calling it the IMP, for the time being, which stands for Individual Mosquito Protection.

1. What problem do you want to solve?

       The problem that I'd like to solve is the problem of malaria, and itchiness caused by bug bites. I'd also     like to create clothing that uses physical barriers to keeps bugs at bay, rather than using chemical insecticides such as DEET. I also want to ensure bug protect is always available to the wearer.

2. How are you going to solve it?

      The easiest solution is including a mesh lining, cut to form with the hood of the hoodie that the wearer can easily slip over their face. This would keep any bugs from biting them and be readily available whenever it was needed. Thumb loops and an increased arm length would also add a significant amount to the level of bug protection. Thin sheets of impervious fabric would also be added to the shoulders, upper back and the top of the head to keep bugs from biting through the fabric, or the fabric itself could be made of a material that was impervious to bug bites.

3. How is it different from what's already on the market?

      It's different from what's already on the market because there's nothing like it on the market as of yet. There are bug suits on the market, but they cannot be worn in public without receiving questionable looks from others. 

4. Who is your demographic?

      I'd suppose it would be anyone with money, but if I had to narrow it down I'd say those living in areas of high insect infestation, or those would like to frequent those locations. This means, hikers, lumberjacks, hunters, paint ballers, fishermen, photographers, festival goers, as well as anyone who lives around marshes or the woods would be potential customers of the IMP.

5. How much would you pay for it?

     I'd be willing to pay $70 to $100 for it. It would be best to keep the cost fairly low, especially with such a novel idea so as to increase the amount of people who'd buy it so word of mouth about the product increases. To do this the design and manufacturing of the hoodie would have to be efficient to be cost effective.  


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