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What's up skillshare,

I go by illyporfa on Instagram and tumblr. I would say at the moment I am an aspiring photographer/cinematographer based out of Yonkers NY. A city just north of the bronx, approximately 25 minutes from Grand Central Terminal on the Metro.

If I had a story, it would be to try to capture the city in its true essence, it's natural yet creative form. From the way I do my videos to the way I take the pictures, I always try to replicate the exact feeling or vibe that I was feeling at the moment. Afterwards I try my best to edit the pictures exactly how I myself viewed my surrounding. I love New York because you can take the same exact shot at different times and tell a completely different story. NY is a playground for photographers.

For me, photography and visuals are about telling your story, the way you remember it, and the way you yourself visualized it before you captured it.. and this is my story so far.

All shots were taken with my iPhone 6 Plus & Canon 5D Classic. Hope you guys enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating it.

1. Street Portrait

450 Lexington in NYC. I used heavy inspiration from Trash here; found the right subject to tell the right story.

2.Motion Blur

Also taken on Lexington, I love how much velocity this picure emphasized, taken with my 6 Plus on full burst, captured just the right one. I can honestly say this is my favorite set picture.

3. Lookup

I tried to capture both the Freedom Tower and Chrysler building in a very unique kinda way. The Freedom Tower shot came out amazingly detailed. Shot from the ground up with a zoom lens, it makes the tower look completely unrecognizable from this angle. You can see hallway lights from inside the towers window. Fell in love with this shot


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