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IJmuiden, city of steel.

At first, I really liked this class. It is my first attempt in hand lettering. Did some graphic design before, but I want to enhance my skills in drawing and lettering.

Making a postcard for IJmuiden, my hometown, is not the most exciting thing to do :-) IJmuiden is a city with lots of industry and there is a large fishing port. Not that beautiful. But I've tried.....

First I did some thumbnail sketches


Then I made a larger sketch, with some bold letters


After scanning and working in Illustrator, this is the result. Different than the sketch, and far from perfect. But I have to keep on practice.


In Photoshop, I added a picture of Tata Steel. Typical industry in this region of the Netherlands.


Dear Martina, many thanks for your class. I realize I have a lot to learn, but your classes really inspire me to do so!


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