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IISE Seoul, Korea

Fashion accessories brand based in Seoul, S. Korea! Great to see the other Top 10 brands here from Jeff's first Skillshare class!

Check out our 1st Skillshare page here:

--> IISE <--

We'll be updating both pages from now on...stay tuned!

Re-introducing our Natural Dye collection with new styles! Check out these beautiful Korean fabrics dyed with persimmon, onion peels, charcoal, volcanic ash, and natural indigo!

Searching for the perfect buckles amongst thousands of pieces. Working on new stuff!

Our Buffalo leather daypack

Our Daypack. Because of the scarcity of this Argentenian buffalo leather this collection will not be re-produced again! Purchase yours now at http://ii-se.co/

New natural dyed fabrics. We are currently sampling lighter colors for Spring/Summer. What other colors would you like to see us use?

DETAIL: Under the "Made In Korea" text are the 4 trigrams of the Korean flag. 건(geon) represents - sky, spring, east, humanity, father, heaven, justice. 리(ri) - sun, autumn, south, justice, daughter, fire, fruition. 감(gam) - moon, winter, north, intelligence, son, water, wisdom. And the final trigram 곤(gon) - earth, summer, west, courtesy, mother, earth, and vitality. These Buffalo leather patches can be found on the inside of all our styles and the exterior of our laptop case! 

Our Buffalo leather Weekender bag withstanding the snow

Crimson wine natural dyed fabric samples came yesterday. We're currently testing these with the highest quality leathers. More preview pictures coming soon.

Comparing this vegetable tanned goat leather to the buffalo leather on our Minimal Tech. Buffalo daypacks are currently sold out but we'll probably remake them with this textured goat very soon...leather feels awesome.

Stamping logos onto new samples. New styles coming soon!

Forms (We excluded some of the more personal information i.e. bank info and more)

Buffalo Weekender. We will be releasing these in natural dye soon!

Big lotus rings and baby lotus rings. We'll be combining these antique accessories with natural dyed fabrics and leathers in our next collection. New styles will be introduced as well!

PREVIEW: New natural dyed silk/cotton + leather accessories. Expect all the styles in the next collection to come out in ash black, indigo, wine, and ivory!

Our M2 Indigo backpack in the streets of Laos..beautiful country!

Lotus rings were originally used in traditional Korean door handles or window pulls. We used them to connect our straps on our Weekender and Briefcase styles. Http://ii-se.co/

New colors coming for our wallets and cardholders!

Natural indigo laptop case sample. These will also be available in ash black, ivory, and wine in the future.

Sampling new goods!

Excited for Spring in Seoul!

We've just created a mailing list! By singing up you can stay up to date on the latest product releases, free giveaway information, and important updates. As always we make a limited number or product so it's a great way to be one of the first ones to know when new stuff is available before they sell out! Sign up here:


Full goat leather daypacks will be ready real soon. We are making a limited run of these because the Buffalo daypacks sold out so quickly. To be the first to know when it drops, visit http://ii-se.co/ and subscribe to our mailing list!

IISE in Archive Journal Issue #1

The whole idea for IISE came about when we visited Korea for the first time since the 4th grade 2 years ago. We saw a Buddhist monk wandering around in front of us wearing a sack like bag with knotted straps and in clothes that haven't changed in hundreds of years. Watching him walk the next to sleek skyscrapers but also traditional korean hanok architecture was amazing and inspiring. We made our first version of the IISE Monk Sack shortly after.

A still from our last video. Still haven't seen it? Check it out here: http://ii-se.co/pages/about-us

Strap detail is inspired by the collar on traditional Korean clothing called Hanbok. You’ll see this on our shoulder straps on our weekenders, briefcases, and daypacks. Oh some new colors too.

Final samples for new natural dye collection will be ready soon!

Cherry blossoms in Seoul!

New business cards

Daypack - Black VT Goat

Full vegetable tanned black goat leather now available in limited quantities. 



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