IGN F-Zero Blue Falcon Poster

IGN F-Zero Blue Falcon Poster - student project

6/30/13 update 2

Redid the whole process again for practice and this time added type and circles. Sometimes when I add color, it bleeds into a different shape (color is added where I don't want it to be). Usually happens with the shapes I make with the pen tool. Maybe I'm not finishing my paths.

Going to learn about clipping masks and textures before I try and finish this project!

IGN F-Zero Blue Falcon Poster - image 1 - student project

6/4/13 update 1

Sorry I've been neglecting my classes because I recently moved into a new place and busily trying to unpack and tidy up.

Anyway, after watching some of the videos, this is what I have been able to accomplish. I learned a lot about the scary pen tool although since this ad has a lot of straight edged geometric shapes, I haven't gotten much practice with rounded edges which I'm more worried about. This was all done with mostly zooming in and out (command + +/-), the pen tool (p), the black arrow(v), the white arrow(a), toggling between fill and outline (shift x),  and the eyedropper tool(i). Had a lot of trouble with color. Also, I never used gradients before so that's a first for me.

Next update I want to get a feel for typography and textures! Also going to keep practicing the pentool and colors.

Really enjoying your videos Brad!

IGN F-Zero Blue Falcon Poster - image 2 - student project


Not having any illustrator experience, this looks like a daunting poster to recreate. I like the geometric look of the vehicle. I'm excited and hoping all these textures won't scare me!

IGN F-Zero Blue Falcon Poster - image 3 - student project

Christel Sarnoff
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