IGLOO MARKET - student project


I'm Silvia, an italian graphic designer working in the fashion industry.

I'm passionate about hand made, DIY and recycled items andI have decided to create the brand and label for the market I'll be organizing in my town. This market will host some of the best hand made designers, some local producer of biologic products and some diy workshops.

The first step of this project has been finding the right name for the market: the name should have beem cool but also been able to communicate a new concept of handmade: something involving talented designers and cool objects and not just bored housewifes producing decoupaged plats ( this is how hand made markets are ususally considered in Italy). I guess IGLOO MARKET, THE MARKET OF FRESH IDEAS is quite a good name, what do you rekon?

The next step is developing the brand identity: being a hand made market, I thought that an hand made font would perctly suit my needs and I've start finding some inspirations that you can find below.

Feel free to leave any comment you like!


IGLOO MARKET - image 1 - student project


IGLOO MARKET - image 2 - student project

IGLOO MARKET - image 3 - student project