ICA - Celebrating International Women's Day

ICA - Celebrating International Women's Day - student project

I'm always looking to add to my design set and this video tutorial was a lot of fun to learn. I created a video to celebrate International Women's Day for ICA Home & Living magazine. I went back to basics with this project and planned out everything on paper. When I was happy with my storyboard, I laid out the artwork for the video in Adobe Illustrator. By going though the route of Illustrator, I was able to tweak my idea and do a lot of the groundwork including choosing fonts, colours and textures. This made the process of laying out the project in Adobe After Effects a lot easier and helped me focus on the final project. I was able to work out my timing though frames and match the music up with my animation. I created the project in a square format so that I could post it on Instagram. This is a great tutorial by Jake, full of lessons will easily add to your arsenal of design knowledge.

Alan McArthur
An Irish designer playing with shapes and colour