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IAM: Let’s make health and well-being a Priority.


*Sorry for the mistakes, I am French Canadian but trying my very best!

First and foremost, let me tell you that this class gave me an enourmous boost of energy! I learned Photoshop years ago back at Uni but for some reason non of the skills I learned sticked to my head. I am in the process of launching my company, IAM, and while I have a graphic designer working on the image I want for the company and my website, I thought it was important for me to play with the colours I have picked up for my brand and make them my own.

Personal Assistance + Fitness Coaching + Online Community

IAM is the creator of an very personalised yet online innovative health behaviour change plan that motivates you to incorporate and maintain physical activities in your busy schedule all the while feeling alive, strong, powerful, healthy and happy.

IAM has got your back.

The key to IAM’s success in helping clients, both men and women, reach their health and fitness objectives lies on constant online human support and tracking, personalization of strategies, precise monitoring and distribution of meaningful rewards throughout the health behaviour change journey.

It has been a terrible but fun experiment to finally get to picked up the colours I wanted for IAM. The services I deliver are for both genders so finding THE right set of colours appealing for both men and women was a big challenge. Anyhow, from the 6 different declinaisons we have produced, these are the colours that have charmed my current 'test clients' the most: Fresh, fun, new, healthy. It is a very human company so I didn't want to take a too 'ruff' approach like Crossfit would do: gray, dark, power, muscles, etc. 

I still can't believe I have done this mood board ALONE. Wow. I would have never thought that possible. Thank you.


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