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IAM - Back to being you

IAM got your Back. Back to being you.

The problem: We can all agree that regular exercise should be everyone’s top priority. The marketplace is filled with activities to suit everyone’s needs. You know the benefits, so why aren’t you exercising every day? How many times have you thought of lacing up your running shoes, only to find an excuse not to go out? You probably felt guilty but could not find the motivation to get out of your rut and maintain the paste.

My biz is - IAM: An Online Health & Fitness Motivation Business

The WHY of the biz: Healthify your lifestyle! - In every thing we do, we believe in an active and healthy lifestyle. The way we approach it at IAM is that, by providing you with a constant human support that helps you define your health goal, that challenges you and that is having your back when you most need a support, you will change your health behaviour and get back to this better, happier and healthier you.

It sells: IAM is the creator of an innovative health behavior change system with constant support by IAM active living consultants who motivates you to incorporate and maintain physical activities in your busy schedule all the while feeling alive, strong, sexy, powerful, healthy and happy.

Who is [email protected] for:

[email protected] is for men and women (30-60 years old) who:

1) Are unsatisfy with their current health condition and/or self image

2) Want to change their health behaviors

3) Are ready to commit to a health goal they cherish and maintain it

4) Can't think of fitting physical activities in their busy schedule

5) Need additional human support to help them

6) Can't afford a full time personal trainer

7) Require personalized motivational strategies

 I do this because: I have myself put my wellbeing on the side due to multiple reasons and got stock into this circle of being unhappy and unsatisfy about how i looked and feel with my body and my soul. At that time, I wished someone could have shake me up to go back on track and assist me through this journey.

It benefits others by: Helping the consumers be more happy and healthy. 1. IAM provides a proactive and constant human support. 2. IAM shares their strategies with their clients in order to equiped them with great health behaviour habits and makes sure they stick to it.

The best companies that sell a similar service or product are:

Online coaching:

a) KiHealth and Fitness: http://www.kihealthandfitness.com/#!online-coaching/cepo​Need fitness motivation you can take anywhere?  With online fitness coaching, receive workout programs, fitness how-to, and motivation online. A friendly kick in the ass that inspires and empowers you to live a healthy life. 

b) Precision Nutrition: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/coaching
Life-changing, research-driven, nutrition coaching for everyone. Their Lean Eating Coaching Program is the product of 10 years of research plus 10 years of elite coaching experience. They help people accomplish big, inspiring goals.

Online community and apps:

a) Fitocracy: https://www.fitocracy.com/
It is an app/online community. Hundreds of thousands of users. Fitocracy connects you to the combined knowledge of over half a million of the world’s best fitness coaches and nutrition experts. Track, get points for rewards, communities, challenges, etc.

b) Daily burn: https://secure.dailyburn.com/sign_up?track=inferno
Customized programs based on your goal. Free 30 days workout.

c) Itrain:  iTRAIN videos are full-length, HD videos that you can download today. 

d) Lift.do: How Lift Helps. Lift employs coaching, community, and data to help you be your best. Coaching: Stay motivated with guidance, encouragement, and optional reminders. Community: Learn from thousands of experts and users following similar goals. Data: Lift makes it easy to track, analyze, and celebrate progress.

e) FitStar: http://fitstar.com/programs-pricing/
App that tailored design workouts based on your goal and aspiration. An app that evolves with you as you give feedback after each workout. Sync with Facebook so people knows when you are working out. Make sure you are surrounded by people that want to achieve the same thing as you want.

- Online gym:
a) www.wello.com: Connect with a trainer of your choice with a live and connect video. Best way to get the motivation, feedback and the accountability of a traditional personal trainer. When and where you want it, at the fraction of the cost. They partnered with THE UP SYSTEM: An integrated system built in a band.

b) Gaiamtv.com:
Gaiam TV offers a variety of videos to help you stay motivated. Variety of videos but very less customized that wello or I train. Same teachers, one for yoga, one for fitness.

c) Be fit youtube channel: Get free, high-quality workouts on Lionsgate BeFit that are sure to keep you looking and feeling your best! Re-shape your body, burn fat, and sculpt lean muscle as you work out with top fitness trainers. It is free. 

What are they doing that's so special?

1. Usage of cool techonologies (band, app, monitoring, live coaches, app that evolves with your level of training)

2. Variety of trainings. Massive range of teachers and classes.

3. Nutrition tips.

4. Points, levels and leaders

5. Free trial or Money back policy.

The best companies that solve a similar biz problem are:
Personal trainers in general because:

-Professional assistance

-Sticking with well-intentioned plans

-Focus on Your Unique Health Concerns

-Help you uncover great potential you didn’t realize you had.

-Making a commitment to regularly meet with someone who will provide you with individualized attention and support

-Accountability and motivation

Regardless of the industry, the companies with the best customer' service are:


What are they doing that's so special?

Human accountability in store. You take an appointement and you get a personal service. Same thing if you want to follow a class, learn new stuff about your Iphone or your new Mac. Again, everything can be done from their stores through private coaching sessions.

The best companies that reach any target audience are:
Apple, Zirtual

What are they doing that's so special?

Apple: Diversify their ads - sometimes family oriented, sometimes more geek, other times userfriendly in order to get an older and less technological crowd.

Zirtual: a) going to events and promote their service for free for the lenght of the event. (E.g: at SXSW)

b) Big army of ZA’s (online private assistants) in order to serve as much clients as possible without loosing the tempo, the human accountability, the follow ups, etc.



Plug in the five best aspects from My idols section that your biz should incorporate.


That IAM starts with me as a single employee and/or that it eventually becomes an international company, having a system of calls/check-in prior to the client’s exercice is the best way to check on them so they feel we are supporting them. It is primordial and is the key differenciator from other existant online companies.

2. BIBLE OF FITNESS CONTENT - Wello.com, fitstar: Pre-Build a big table of contents: Fitness programs, links to workout videos, a description on fashion workouts/gyms and if they are good or not, pre-recorded videos on weekly challenge and recipes. 

3. WORKOUT EVOLUTION ET WEEKLY EVALUATION: fitstar, fitocracy - Make sure the client’s program evolves with their level of training.

4. POINTS, LEVELS, LEADERS AND REWARDS: fitocracy, fitstar - Monitoring system. Out of all the clients, nominating ambassadors to animate Facebook groups. Becoming a leader can be very motivating. 

5. UP BAND OR SMART BRACELET DESIGN: Wello - UP smart band that delivers insights, celebrates milestones, and challenges you to make each day better. Share accomplishments with friends by teaming up in the UP App. 



My biz's product/service is outstanding because:

Because it is such a customized/personalized service. It is not about writting one email a week or one skype a month or an app that you need to report to. It is a 24h service. IAM is proactive and ensure to contact the clients before their due training time using different possible methods that suit the clients. We keep track of their training sessions and we ensure they report if they need to postpone a session.

My product/service is something they need because:

It is obvious that people are aware of their bad health habits. They first plan on changing their behaviour by getting a membership to a gym for exemple but they think that by buying this membership, it will automatically change their body and the way they feel. No, it is not as easy as that. Proof: Last year, only 75% of Canadians that bought a full year gym membership went back beyond the first month. The problem is not in the variety or range of exercices offered on the market (as anyone can find what will trully motivate them), the problem is about commitment and the false idea that there is no time for training when you have a family, a job, a dog and a old mother to take care of. So what people really need is motivation, support and great assistance in order to MAINTAIN the rythm.

l'm deeply in love with my customer's and show them my undying love by:

Being trully there for them, on a daily basis. I trully care about their goal and their achievements and when I cheer for them, it is that I trully believe they can do it, that they can finally introduce good health behavior in their life. When I first send them my survey, i ask them to give me the contact of a person they trully care about, where they live and where they work. After weeks of great trainings and no ditching, I am asking their contact to send a 'Congradulations' on the support group page or I am sending a 6 packs of organic juices delivered to their office, etc. Because I care about them and I know they need to be told they are doing good. 

The special sauce that makes my biz unique is:

The calls and the daily follow ups are my traded mark. From all my research, I haven't seen any company doing follow up on a daily basis like I do.


The system I have in place to ensure consistency is:

For the moment, it is an Excel spreadsheet to monitor everyone’s physical activities and a sync calendars between me and each of my clients. They need to proactively change due time and date in our shared calendat if they can’t commit to a training.

In a few years, [email protected] will be a very well-known reliable human empowered tech-enable health behaviour change company with hundreds of Active Living Consultants (personal fitness assistants) personally taking care of each individual in the process of making health and well-being a priority. The focus will always remain the same: Human first.

My unexpected joy is:

When my clients are proactive. Do things without my help or my support.
Posting a picture, commenting on other member’s pictures, being proactive and change a time if it does not work with their schedule anymore, etc.

They gave me the contact of a person they care about so i want them to be implicated in the journey of my consumers.


I test my business model before spending a lot of money. Specifically, l'm testing by speaking to:

My Facebook friends (over a thousand) and making test group for free in exchange of their constructive comments after their 6 weeks free trial. I am at my second group of 10 and will now start a new group of 10 every 2 weeks, each of them having a 6 weeks free-trial.


My website is under construction right now. Eventually, I will use:

a) Google adword to see what customers are searching for.

b) I am also corresponding with a few fitness cloathing companies to see how we can work together.

c) I am also corresponding with new raw juice companies to supply me for rewards to my customers.

d) I have also started discussion with Zirtual, one of the company listed in one of the above section. Not only do I love their business model but I also adore the services they sell. I am working on a system that rewards you with free time. You win IAM points every time you take part in a scheduled fitness activity and participate in your Facebook group by sharing ideas, tips and encouraging other. These points are redeemable at Zirtual, an online and virtual personal assistants company. Zirtual personal assistants will take care of most anything you need done so that you can have well-deserved free time... to train!

Thank you!
(for a deeper business plan, you can find the IAM project listed in the Seth Godin section from his class: The New Business Toolbox: Help Your New Business Do It Right The First Time)




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