IAAP Certification Exam

IAAP Certification Exam - student project

Feb 28 Status: Project Completed.

Course completed and I'm having a glass of wine.

I am so proud of myself. I have had access to this course for a year, but I would only log in when I felt like it and study something that peeked my interest. In the past 30 days, I really got everything together and moving.

It did not take a complicated plan. I think I just needed to see the big picture on paper to understand the scope and have a compass.

The two biggest factors were motivation and making time.

Am I lazy? What is the problem? Once I would get started, I really enjoyed what I was studying. I had wine and cheese snacks. This is all career related and I love my work, it is meaningful. I am not sure why I had so much trouble just deciding to sit down and study.

Also, it seemed that as soon as I made the decision to finish this course in 30 days, all sorts of crazy issues suddenly appeared out of the wood work. Like seriously, out of no where. They were constantly competing for my time. Now that I'm done, suddenly there is literally nothing to do. 

I'm done, but can't take the test until June. I already started the additional training resources and I feel they will help keep my knowledge up to date. Also, I do this kind of work at my job every day.

Thanks Cindy, for sparking the motivation to get this done.

This is so exciting to see:

IAAP Certification Exam - image 1 - student project


I even get a certificate:

IAAP Certification Exam - image 2 - student project


Now I think I will take a creative course on Skill Share. 


Feb 26 Status

Soooooo Close! 

Also, I have been reviewing some training materials from IAAP and find them quite good to keep me studying until June.

IAAP Certification Exam - image 3 - student projectFeb 20 Status

Revising Goals:

  • Still going to finish the online training course by March 2, but will not be able to take the exam until June.
  • Reviewed my course notes and feel I did a good job at recording information.
  • Joined the IAAP to access more training content, so I will have something to keep me studying until June (also found others who took the test and am learning from their experience).
  • I jumped ahead to review section 14 because it is not part of the certification requirement. I recorded all useful info from that section.
  • Have 11 days to finish last two sections. Currently, they are 58% and 5% completed.

Considering I have been procrastinating on on this program a year, it is nice to see all the completed sections. The past three weeks have been intense, but I still think I have something to show for it. The drive to see all sections marked as completed has kicked in. The last two sections are dense content, but I think I can finish by March 1st.

IAAP Certification Exam - image 4 - student project


Feb 17  Status

Ran into my first snag. Today I found out I can't take the test until June and there is another certification I need to get. Not very happy at the moment, but I will take a moment to note that I have progressed quite a bit in the past two weeks. This project is growing and will need to be re-evaluated to include more content and more time. I am losing access to my current study content on March 2nd. Need to research next steps.


For now, I will continue to study this course work, but at a less accelerated pace. Jumping to the two testing course will be the best use of my remaining time.


IAAP Certification Exam - image 5 - student project


Feb 8 Status

IAAP Certification Exam - image 6 - student project


Feb 1 Status

IAAP Certification Exam - image 7 - student project


Not a pretty bujo or anything, but I will admit, this is the most thought I have put into this project and I think the end result is actually doable. Not easy, but doable, and...  wine is included.

IAAP Certification Exam - image 8 - student project(Lessons 1-6)

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