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I. A.M Money Apparel

Brand: I. A.M Money Apparel

Slogan: Where Money And Fashion Meet!

Location: New York www.IAMONEY.net

WELCOME, to the World of I A.M MONEY Fine Designer Apparel, for the Person who is about Great Things. "I. A.M Money" Apparel is the result, at first, from the lack of it thus bringing about the phrase "I'm About My Money". We decided that we had to change our ways and be about our money and be about the pursuit of it. It is our right to pursue it so that we could bring forth our own individual dreams, thus, "I. A.M MONEY" Apparel was born. Our dream is to produce fine apparel for the everyday individual (male or female). 

"I. A.M Money" is a fine apparel line that has the mindset that all should be in the Pursuit of their Happiness! While we know that money is not the main catalyst to happiness it does help to eliminate certain pressures and burdens that are causing people to live unhappy lives. Our frame of mind is, if people all across these lands would be about their money a lot of the starvation, disease and homelessness we see would be eliminated. This apparel line is not about greed, it's about getting individuals to the mindset of being about their money. 

Rappers talk about money in their lyrics, the President talks about it by way of pursuing an education and we talk about it through our clothing line. Being about one's money should, we believe, deter a person from worrying about what the next person is doing because they are in pursuit of obtaining their dreams. Taking care of our business individually will allow us to come together collectively and do great things. So, "I. A.M Money" Apparel is about doing great things, pursing our artistic dreams that will allow us to spread the message "I'M ABOUT MY MONEY". Spread the Word.

Logo: Simple but clean

Basically it's just an abbreviation of the name of the company and what it's all about.  The "I." stands for I'm, the "A." Stands for About, the "M" stnds for My and the Dollar sign is self explanatory. Hence the term, "Im About My Money or I. A.M Money.

Here's one of our first tiedye designs that we did. It turned out to be one of our best sellers with a Price point of $45. I just wanted to do something a lil different and noticable. I LOVE HOW THIS DESIGN CAME OUT!

This particular design was inspired from the famous "I LOVE NY" shirts that you can find all over the city of NY and the Monoply board game. We actually printed this up in several colors to match new sneaker releases, along with the New York Knicks basketball team.

This next design did pretty well with the females. Ironically enough, although this is a female design I still received questions from my male fan base on whether or not if I sold it in their size. Lol

This picture was taken from one of our shoots. The model is rocking a hat that I made up for myself which also comes in several colorways. We paired the hat with another one of our female Rosebone designs. I was rocking the hat at the shoot and the model urged me to let her wear it. It was a great success because I ended up selling 20 hats that very day just from her wearing it outside taking pictures in the city. 

Another one of my favorites are these Baseball Raglan Wealthy Ambitions tees. The design print itself was one of my very first designs that I started with. 

We also tried this print on sweatshirts in a sueded puff print which sold very in the boutiques. These also came in numeroous colorways for our Yankee, Mets and Knicks fans. I was esstatic when I saw one of the host on 106 & Park rocking it on tv. Price point $70.  

Here's another one of our creative designs inspired by Basqiuat and Picasso. Since Jay-Z dropped his anticipated album Magna Carta, Basqiuat and Picasso have been the talk of the town. So, I figured it would be cool to come up with a unique design referencing these two great artist. 


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