Sookie Sachs

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I wish I could fly away!


Draw a Hot Air Balloon the final class of my challenge.  I wanted to complete 25 Skillshare classes in 30 days.  It was hard, but I did it!!!!  I wanted to increase my Illustrator knowledge, so that is what I concentrated on.  My knowledge has grown exponentially over this past month.

I saved this class for last because it looked the most challenging.  I'm glad I waited.  I had taken all of Helen Bradley's other classes before I tackled this one, but if I had taken this one first, I'm not sure I would have been able to complete it. There was quite a lot going on in 42 minutes. I was unable to download the basket weave pattern from the site. I kept getting a 404 error. I had to save the picture and then make a pattern swatch with it (I learned this in a previous class).  I liked learning about the symbol panel and making a tree that I could use over and over again. This will be very useful.

Despite all my rumbling, I love how my final project looks. It reminds me of the balloon festival in Howell.

I enjoy making brushes, however, I am confused about how I would know which type of brush to select when setting up a new brush.  For example, when making a  brush, how would I know whether I need an Art brush, Pattern brush, or Scatter brush?  


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