I will be making a poster design for grizzly bear

I will be making a poster design for grizzly bear - student project


I am screen printer/graphic designer who lives in Austin,TX.  I am doing a poster design for Grizzly Bear.  I have currently been doing poster design for about 3 years now and it always helps to learn new skills and processes.  Mainly I want to take my separtion skills to the next level and get more detail in my prints.  I currently print all my work by hand and here is a link to my gig art. http://www.gigposters.com/designer/129363_Michael_Fuchs.html


I will be drawing a rough idea of the imagery I want to create 1st and than usally scan in my rough idea.  I use that as a rough blue print in illustrator to create a gig poster.  The current method I use for poster design is drawing a key layer in illustrator and than color/seperating in photoshop.  After the design is done I will be printing this poster by hand.  Would love to gain a deeper insight to 3-D modeling and get the most out of two colors.

Really sucky Sketchs Coming soon......

This is how i start with a idea on paper next I will find the objects I like and will find fun way to draw them. Next step I will draw out my detailed key layer before I color my print.   I am going to make a poster with trees on it. I usallly draw out the text last after coloring .  I will also be screen printing this poster after getting approval of course.  I am really intrested how dkng separates posters.  I would like to limit my colors but I seem to be stuck in 4 color to 6 color screen printing.  I will post a finish print project later this week and hopefully get some feed back on it.

I will be making a poster design for grizzly bear - image 1 - student project

I wll start on the final art after this week.