I will always wonder who you would have been.

I've always been fascinated by calligraphy and I'm so excited to work with my hands! I've been a graphic designer by trade, and I've always had decent penmanship, so it seemed like a natural connection!

Long story short, I had two pregnancies over the past year and lost them both. I made connections with a lot of women online over the past year in the same position, and I wanted to create something to share with them.

I think the hardest struggle I had was getting out of my own comfort zone with just handwriting as I normally do, and really focusing on calligraphy techniques. I think my end piece sort of ended up that way anyway, but I will keep practicing!






^ Reverting back to tracing a ton to get out of my own habits!


Sketching out the words for my finished piece. I had a ton more thumbnails that I kept tracing and modifying, but I can't find them now.


However I found that I really liked just winging it. I guess this is where I struggle, because I really wanted to break habits, but I think that can happen with being mindful and lots of practice! 


I really liked how this one felt. It's definitely not perfect, (like that o!) but I liked the character. I felt like I could have done a million more of these and not been happy with them yet, but I knew I had to finish this and move on. maybe I will come back to it in a year and see how far I've come! Below is the final piece I shared with my group.


Looking forward to the next class!


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