I was moved to action in two weeks

I was moved to action in two weeks - student project

I can't believe I took this class less then 10 days ago.   I would talk about maybe if I should keep the house or maybe sell the house,  I have been stuck on this topic for about two years.  My feet was like I was walking in quick sand before this course.   The actions I was taking was taking forever.  I then came across this class and did the anti-vision and was nicer to my husband and then called a real estate agent, he gave me the handiman,  and told me what I need to fix- got it done,-  got the house clean- got the pictures - went live yesterday-  I have three showings today.  All of this happened within 10 days.   I'm leaving with my cat to Florida today well not yet ready to go down just yet but my plan to jump will be the end of October,  until then I will work on downsizing the house.  Thank you for helping me transform my life.