I want to...

I want to... - student project

This class turned into a couple of honest hours with myself when I most needed it. 



I'm in a very special place in my life, becoming independent, recovering from childhood trauma and going to CBT therapy. The class was honestly a great compliment to therapy, and in the midst of the chaos in my brain the class helped me clear my brain, and form dreams and thoughts into words and onto paper.

My favourite new idea is to measure time spent on actually doing the thing, rather than the outcome, only! (Especially good for us that struggle with talking down ourselves, our ideas, dreams, projects, results, etc.)

I plan on taping up my "really, really wants", map and organizing my stickies to move forward and towards the person I want to become. 

I've been kind off sus towards keeping notes, calendars, doing yoga, and all of these - I guess - healthy coping skills/mechanisms, and this little class was something that surprised me! Ain't life gorgeous? If you choose, you can always continue to learn. 

Thank you, Rich! x



I really, really want to get a degree because I love teaching

I really, really want to illustrate because it makes me happy

I really, really want to work with textile because it's amazing

(I also really really want to learn another language and adopt a doggo in the future)

And I plan on combining all of the above - becoming a middle school language and textile teacher! The ability to sketch and illustrate is important and helpful in needlework too, but also, just practicing this skill simply because it makes ME HAPPY! 

I want to... - image 1 - student project