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I want to achieve 10,000 steps a day

What is your Habit Personality Type?

My Habit Personality type is mostly Upholder but also closely behind, Questioner. I have a moderate tendancy to be an obliger. 

UPHOLDER: You respond readily to new habits, whether they are imposed externally by someone else, or internally. You have strong self-discipline and find it relatively easy and rewarding to create new routines. You almost always meet deadlines, follow the rules, read the instructions, and keep your commitments. You hate letting others or yourself down, and can sometimes be too hard on yourself when you don't meet your own standards.

QUESTIONER: You question expectations, rules, and commitments. You will follow them, but only if you understand the reasoning behind them and agree with it. You find it difficult to accept new habits that are imposed on you, but do very well with habits that you decide on for yourself. You have strong analytical abilities and are highly independent, but sometimes can come off as stubborn when required to do something you don't agree with.

Why did you sign up for this class?

I have signed up for this class as I like to make goals and change my habits but find it very hard to do so. I become very lazy when setting personal goals but at work I am able to achieve goals much easier with deadlines and especially when I am very invested or passionate about a piece of work. I find that I am lacking in my personal life when I have some good habits at work.

What has been your most consistent good habit in the past?

I have great habits at work and I think I am consistently good at writing to-do lists and making sure they are complete by the end of the working day/week. I always make sure to get jobs done at work and this is my best and most consistent habit.


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