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I want to Sleep!!!!!

Writing this at 2.52AM, after managing to sleep consistenly by 1.30am for the last month.  Coming from Singapore, it's easy to lose sleep discipline because of the long working hours and it's also common for most to sleep relatively late i.e 2 plus am and wake up by 8am for work.  Having lived in Sydney for 6 years, it was probably the only period in my 31 years of existence that I slept relatively consistently and was thus able to achieve a whole lot more during the day, maintain a gym routine, more energy, less stress, more energy to make my own healthier meals etc.

Things that distract/prevent me from sleeping earlier:-

- Gaming to de-stress (the one more game syndrome, especially when the last game was a loss)

- TV dramas (the one more episode syndrome)

- Stuff I do before sleeping like clearing personal emails, reading news or articles, FACEBOOK OMG! etc.

Since the start of 2013, I have stopped gaming and found other ways of de-stressing like playing badminton or extra sessions at the gym, and so far sleep quality and duration has improved, though definitely still room for improvement.

I aim to :-

- Have more discipline when it comes to sleep and to eliminate late nights.

- Control my frame of mind in the couple of hours before going to bed( I have a rather active mind, and sometimes end up tossing and turning in bed for hours, just thinking about random semi-unimportant stuff)

- Plan my assignment due dates for my part time 2nd Bachelors better(which is why I am up at 2.52am!!)



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