I want to FLY (Update added 1-28-13)

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I have always hated my body but I've never had the drive to fix it long term. I would try something, lose a few pounds and stagnate. That would frustrate me, I'd quit and gain the few pounds back. I've been floating in between the same 10 lbs for years.


I want to fly. I want to be light enough to be suspended in the air by rope. So I will:

  • Lose 2 lbs a week until I am light enough to suspend
  • After I'm down to a reasonable weight, I will continue to tone by REPLACING body fat with muscle

In this case, the actual number is important to me.

I want to be ready for the Zombie Run for which I signed up. For this, I will:

  • maintain the two months to a 5k running schedule I've set up.
  • reassess after I've completed that regimen to see how I need to adjust to be ready.
  • balance the running schedule with flexibility and strength workouts so I can be ready for the obstacles.

I want to stabilize my metabolism. I do not eat enough 5/7 days a week and then binge the other 2. I also spend a lot of time dehydrated. I will:

  • plan meals. If I plan meals and buy food, I won't be able to justify forgetting to eat. It's a waste of money, food, and time.
  • ask my husband/friends to help keep me ACCOUNTABLE.
  • carry my waterbottle.

Last, is my head space. I am in an emotionally and mentally bad place after a breakup and years of hating on my body. I function at a very high stress level, most of which is self-induced. I want to CHILL the **** out and be okay with my body, who I am, where I am, and what is to come. This isn’t a fitness goal, but it’s important for maintaining my fitness goals and motivation.

Project Update

The week went really well. I can feel some changes. I'm not seeing them yet but I feel stronger and I my run was better today than it was two days ago. I've only missed one meal in 9 days (which is incredibly significant). I have reached my water goal every day and there are eight stickers on my calendar to track my workouts.

Meals are planned for the next week and groceries for those meals have been purchased. I have run 4.8 miles in the last week. That's two days of running. I haven't lost any weight but I think my body is still getting used to getting regular calories. I've enlisted several friends who want to run the Zombie 5k with me, and we're all keeping each other accoutable for our runs and our meals.

I also found a gym that is in my price range and 5.3 miles away. By the time I can bike that without being done for the day, I will probably have outgrown the weights at home.

Update 1-22-13

I went in to work with my husband today. He's army, so I have access to the gyms on post (if I can get on post). I packed us both awesome lunches and spent an hour and a half in the gym this morning. I feel awesome. I think I'm going to start going in with him at least a few days a week. I can hit the library and study and I may be able to find a job on post. I have hit a bit of a snag. I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. I've been tracking food intake pretty carefully. I've set it up so that I'm eating 1000 calories under what is optimal to maintain my weight. That should put me in safe range to lose 2lbs a week. 

The Problem:

I'm coming in, on average, 500 calories short of that goal every day. I'm eating pretty consistently throughout the day. I have no idea what to do to increase my calorie intake. I'm full almost all the time. Today, I had oatmeal for breakfast, a big lunch with a good variety of carbs, veggies, fruits, and protiens. I'm still more than 1100 under for the day and all I want to do is finish my lunch box for dinner. Does anyone have suggestions on how to up my calorie intake to where I need it to be without moving away from healthy choices? Am I doing something wrong? Will I be able to eat more with time? I was eating maybe a meal a day before trying to adjust to the new schedule. Thoughts? I would really appreciate any feedback.

Update 1-24-13

I took my first measurements five days ago and I had a bit of time today so I decided to try it again and see if I'd gotten anywhere. I have lost 10 inches!!! I am so freaking excited!

Update 1-28-13

I have lost 12.5 inches (overall) since the first time I taped on the 20th. I can lift heavier things than I could two weeks ago more consistenly. I lost 2.5 lbs in the last week too, so clearly my body has figured out that I'm going to keep feeding it. Yay!


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