Alison Dorantes-Garcia

Community Organizer and Educator



I want that haircut!

Good haircuts are what seperate the Heathers from the Haters. You can change your outfit, but you can't change a bad haircut. That is what makes getting a haircut from a random salon (or supercuts) such a hastle. Where do you go for a good haircut, but within a price range you can afford?

My prototype is something that uses the "inspiration board" function of pintrest and tumblr, combined  with the rating system, user submitted accountability badges, and price range "finder" tool of airbnb.

The user submits images of the hairstyles they want (doesn't matter where from, as long as the image jpeg file size isn't too large), and then with each photo, they chose on a price scale how much they are willing to pay for the haircut. The minimum for this would be somewhere around $10, or best offer. The community will be built based on members who want these haircuts, and hairstylists who would be willing to do these haircuts based on the price range. Users will submit what hair they want, or if they are stylists, a portfolio.

The only thing I don't know how I would set up is an internal email device within this app, which would be crucial to make it run.

Submitting images, and making a very basic "user page" would be the first task my app would do. 


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