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"I want much more than this provincial life"

So lately I've been contemplating life and certain decisions that need to be made in the days ahead.  Been feeling the need for change, but not sure exactly where to go or what to do to get there.  I think these feelings of wanting something different, a new challenge, contributed to me taking this class, ha.  And for sure to my quote for the project...


Plus I'm a big Disney fan, so that helped.  :)  Anyway, my initial brainstorming was kind of all over the place, filled with all kinds of opposites...

Did some digging around on Pinterest for my mood board...

Wasn't sure if I wanted to go with a more modern or vintage look at first, so I played with a few different font styles...

Had one idea that involved cars and traffic and freeways...but after playing with it a while, wasn't feeling it anymore.  So I switched gears a little, started playing with the idea of a road sign--like those "Welcome-to-our-state" signs.  And this about brings me to my current phase of development:

Still trying to figure out how to make it more interesting, jazz it up a bit more.  Started playing with the kind of sunburst idea in the last one tonight, obviously it would need a LOT more perfecting to get it right, it was just a quick idea.  But yeah...what do you guys think?  This is my first time trying out this hand lettering thing, and I'm really enjoying it!  But would definitely welcome any feedback!  :)

UPDATED 11/28/13

Ok, so here's my new design, which I think I'm liking a lot better.  It's got less empty space to it, and feels a little more whimsical and fun to me...

Anybody out there have any thoughts or ideas?  Shoot them my way...I'm all ears!  :)

UPDATED 12/5/13

Aaaannnd, DONE!  Added a few more details here and there.  Think when I have more time, I'm going to play around with some color and see how it turns out.  So.....what do you all think?


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