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I want magic in my real world.

#7 - Added stars and fixed 'in my'

Any further suggestions? I like the stars. I would like to incorporate something from the "strong fabric" inspiration piece, but am not sure what to include. When I try it looks too detailed compared to the rest of the piece. I think we're getting there, though :)

#6 - Final small adjustments

I think it's coming together now. I like how MAGIC is jumping off of the page a bit more. Thanks for the comments! I still need to figure out what to do with IN MY. I think I want to do a star pattern on the curtains, similar to the example in my inspiration images.

Any feedback or suggestions is very welcomed!

#5 - Final layout chosen

So this will be the final layout, but I need some help. I like this a lot after making a few changes suggested by MK, but can't decide what style to apply to "magic" I like some of the fancier treatments from my sketches but it's too busy with the fun pop/smoke border. Any thoughts? I could change WORLD to a fancier font, but I want magic to stand out most. I've uploaded a version with magic left out. Hmmm. Stumped as to what to do next!

Also, MK suggested possibly a pattern in the curtains instead of being too literal. Open to suggestions there, too. I think the holidays are frying the creative part of my brain :)

#4 - Rough sketches

Here are the two layouts I sketched out from the thumbnails. Thank you for the comments and suggestions! I went with these 2 because they were quite different from each other, but I included the other curtain style from my thumbnails.

I definitely noticed some cleaning up and adjusting that needs to be done once I scanned them in, but more comments and feedback are very appreciated! One thing, not sure what direction the background stars should face in #2. Noticed that after scanning. 

I really think both work ok, so thanks for your input to help me decide which to finish out :)



#3 - Thumbnails

Did a little more sketching of a few various words in the quote and then worked up some thumbnail layouts. I'm liking elements of a few of them. Feedback is appreciated!


I've decided this would make a great calendar or schedule book cover...add magic to the everyday mundane.

More Lettering Warm-ups

I did a bit more sketching this morning on a few new styles. Tried to put in a bit more 'magic.' :)

#2 - Lettering Warm-Up

Finding out "g" and "m" are tricky letters. Thinking this is a good start, but I may do more styles. This was fun!

#1 - Quote "I want magic in my real world."

Quote is from the song "Jimmy Tomorrow" by The Waitresses. I'm 'a realist with her heads in the clouds' so this quote has always been a favorite.

Inspiration boards: Love early 1900's advertising and typography. The soft blues and bright gold colors are great, too. Stars, moon and constellation imagery has always said 'magic' to me. We shall see.


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