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I wandered lonely as a Cloud

I. Text

I chose the Wordsworth poem from the lessons, "I wandered lonely as a Cloud".


II. Annotations

As I listened to lesson three I just happened to be binding a quilt at the same time. I immediately got this picture of someone lying under a dusky-coloured quilt, with daffodils scattered across it, thinking about these moments in the past.

III. Sketches

I had a book on my shelf about Wordsworth and Coleridge ("Unruly Times" by A. S.  Byatt). One part talks about this intense love between Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy. That brought me back again to thoughts of domesticity and a kind of ... dreaminess. The two together. I thought about a paper-pieced daffodil with its pieces split apart and scattered randomly across the quilt squares.

However, assuming that your first idea isn't always your best idea, I worked on some sketches. One with the idea of grey & yellow fabric as upholstery across a chesterfield, one focusing more on the idea of clouds (with some type fading from solid to transparent), and one that's just a bunch of particles, which comes from a feeling I get from the poem of both fleetingness and infinity.


IV. Early designs

A preliminary design with no borders, and text directly over an image of the patchwork I made for this.


V. Final design

This is ultimately what I went with for my final cover. (And actually it's a quilt fragment rather than a quilt - I may yet turn it into a tiny quilt some day!)


Font credit : Frosted by Great Lakes Lettering.


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