I tried lol…

I tried lol… - student project

I tried lol… - image 1 - student project

Here's my final result. It's not the greatest because there was so much in the tutorial that was left unexplained. 


Btw, I am a huge fan of Studio JQ, but wanted to highlight some of my struggles to hopefully help others trying to follow along. 


The first thing I noticed was this object called fall off. I spent a while googling it and only got results for C4D Field tutorials. Even though he never explained this layer I continued on hoping it wasn't important. 

I tried lol… - image 2 - student project


The next thing I noticed was that my sphere has inexplicable gravity to it. (after meticulously triple checking that I had clicked all the right settings) 

I tried lol… - image 3 - student project


I then went off book and added a gravity but set it to a negative -1000 value to offset this strange effect. 

I tried lol… - image 4 - student project


After adding a negative gravity, it finally started behaving like in the tutorial.


I was THE MOST excited for the material part, but around 02:30 he switches over to a pre-made material with all these settings, but never goes thru them. In the comments section, I found some help:


If you want to get the result he has at 02:40, make sure to add RGB Spectrum to the Diffuse of your Glossy Material. 

I tried lol… - image 5 - student project



And in the same Glossy Material, go here for the tile texture that will ultimately let you add waves, dots, etc… 

I tried lol… - image 6 - student project



And finally here are my tile settings, I had a hard time making the iridescent ribbons not look pixelated. 

I tried lol… - image 7 - student project




Maybe, I'm just too much of a noob, but I hope it saves you all some time and heart ache when following along! 


Thanks :)



I have OctaneX for mac. It only works on the newest MacBook Pro with the 5600M graphics card that was released in June 2020 on C4D R21. 

I don't think C4D S22 is supported yet.