I thought it was easy...

I thought it was easy... - student project

Boy, was I wrong!

After watching the videos for this class, I was really excited about getting started with patterns for the first time. 

It took me waaay longer than than expected as A) I thought it'd be cool if I filled up the whole page, B) and might as well put some color in the pattern from the start, and C) I'll put the pattern into Photoshop and put it together there!

For the Photoshop part, I am quite the beginner and had to get help figuring out out how to align, rotate and fix things so I could actually make a repeat pattern. 

However, despite all the trouble, I do think I did quite well for my first pattern ever :)

I thought it was easy... - image 1 - student project

(and please don't do what I did, as I am pretty sure there are easier ways than what I ended up doing).

Sigge Ludvigsen

Aspiring Watercolor Artist