I think I'm in love

I think I'm in love - student project

I think I'm in love - image 1 - student projectI think I'm in love - image 2 - student projectI always thought this would be beyond me, but Joanne walked us through all the stages so clearly I felt confident in giving it a go. I used a 5mm faceted prehnite, (from one of my fave suppliers, The Curious Gem) and 925 tube with an external diameter of 6mm and internal 4.6 (wall 0.7)

The most challenging part was sitting the shank across the setting in just the right place. I didn't quite manage that, so need to practise some more. I propped the tube in my peg and aligned the burrs that way, resting my hand on my bench for stability. 

You can see I don't have a tube cutting vise, just my mitre vise, so I used that to draw a cutting guide all the way round the tube, and then stuck the handle off my old flux brush in the centre to help brace the tube, and stop the saw stuttering. #ReuseIsBetterThanRecycle ;-)

I had to add stuff to the tweezers to *try* and keep them balanced in the correct position. 

Once it all soldered, I wrapped washi tape round the shank* and filed the back of the setting, so it was the same profile as the shank and smooth - I'd factored that in when cutting the piece of tubing, and then polished it up using my new pendant motor.

*I'm even worse at filing than sawing, and often my files slip. I washi-protect as much as I can

I am ridiculously excited to have made this!!