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Janou-Eve LeGuerrier

Illustrator - Art director



I think I am In Love

UPDATE 15-05-2014 *

As we say in French: it is better late than never!

I have worked again the colors and corrected the spacing between the letters. I took away some details and here is my final piece!

Here are some details of surprises that my board has given me. The layers of painting and the texture of the board made some unexpected effects that I really enjoyed experimenting.


Thank you Jeff!

UPDATE 23-02-2014 *

Well, since the colors are not totaly what I am looking for. And since better spacing would do much better (I did a little photoshop test - see picture below). I will go on and add other layers of paint. I hope the texture that will be created by this correction will add up to the final piece. See you soon!

or like this (The "I" would be better not to much aligned...). Tricky. :)

* UPDATE 22-02-2014 *

After a few layers of paint (see the picture below). This is where I am now. It is not completed. I want to add much more shadows and highlights. And probably change again the colors (not quite satisfied yet, but I feel that I am getting somewhere).

I am stuck because there is a slight spacing problem between the letters "I am in". I hesitate: paint over it or complete it and adjust it later on in Photoshop. Painting over it will make change the color: that can be a better solution for creating different reading levels an improving the image. Anyways, it is all about experimenting, don't you think?

I wanted to keep a track of my first "courageous" layers of paint (i will make more), here they are:



I am very excited to start my project!

(I am French speaking, I will do my best to write in English.)

I would like to share the process of my project. Here are two sketches (I am not sure wich border I will select yet, although I really like the light bulb effect).

Should I say "I think I'm in Love" more than "I think I am in love" are both ok? Tell me what you think!

I found a bottom of a cartboard box carriyng wine. I liked the texture very much. To make my surface bigger, I taped too boards together. Then, I put the gesso and it started curving like crazy...

So I told myself, no problem, I'll just glue it on a heavier cartboard. I took the "end" of a drawing paper pad and add an acrylic gel mat. Then, to flatten it, I made it dry under three boxes of heavy books. A couple hours later, I put my first layer of paint on a very flat surface. That was fun.

But this morning, this is what I found...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Well, this class is, for me, all about experimenting and trying something new.

To correct this situation, I have put two new coats of gesso on the back. And put again heavy book, once dried to flatten it again for a couple of hours. Actually, it is flat again. Time to have fun and paint!


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