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I robot you

Hi everyone!

First I'd like to apologize for my not so great english!

With Valentine's day coming I decided to do something with robots, one of my favorite subjects :).

I started drawing things that I imagined would be part of a robot's world.

I traced all of it in the inkpad app like Elizabeth suggested and made a few alterations and started combining them.

It didn't felt right for me and I started to simplify the whole thing over and over again until I just ended up with the robots, the stars and the hearts. Less is more in this case :).

I came up with this:

Still not satisfied I tried more versions untill I was finally happy about it.

I experimented with different colours and came up with these 2 versions. Hope you like it!

I worked the other pattern out but I guess it's just not my style:

One that makes me think of a Portugese tile :)




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