I recently launched 3 new blogs.

Healthy pregnancy/Pregnancy weight blog 

Relationship Advice Blog

Photo Diary from my island blog

Would love some feedback from you guys as to how they look and what I can do to improve on them moving forward! I am equally passionate about each topic and love posting up to 4 times a week. My goal with the first two project is mainly to help people, whilst the last one is just to really take time and treasure my surroundings and simultaneously share it with the world, if anyone is interested in seeing them. I have Facebook for the first two, but other than that I share my post mainly through my main established social sites for my registered locally company Exposed Caribbean Art and Culture Magazine. So far I receive minimum traffic all around and would love to change that for the better as well as my engagement levels as well. Suggestions on how to improve all of those would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for having me and I look forward to learning and growing together.


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