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I really need some organization...

Hello all

I am a crafter, jewelry maker and an aspiring artist. The problem is, I try too many things at once, and they all keep interfering with each other. Drawing, painting, lettering, journals, jewelry - beads, metallic, fiber, everything. I am having trouble keeping track of the supplies I have, and not using half of them as I forget I even had them. 

In a few months I am going to leave for college, and obviously I am not going to pack all that with me, nor can I leave the studio I'm going to have in such a mess.

I don't really have a dedicated craft space. The closest I've got was the table in the title photo, which I hoped to use for crafting at some point but which I ended up using for painting. Still, the table has the biggest concentration of craft stuff, from the beads I might use up there on the side: 


To putting my random supplies undeneath 


Aside of that, I am keeping a lot of my supplies - mostly paint and papers I am not currently using - in the drawers under my bed


This is actually a good idea, or would be if I could keep any order within the drawers - as of now I spend a lot of time trying to find anything there

My computer desk is mostly taken over with current and semi-current crafting projects


So is my nightstand - mostly with writing supplies, since in bed is where I do most of my writing


And here I have some art books I am currently reading/working through and more or less currently used notebooks/sketchbooks - the ones I am not using are in the under the bed drawers


I am looking forward to getting this mess in order. On thing I am afraid of, though, is that in search of focus this course would urge me to abandon some of my hobbies and projects. I'd really want to keep jewelry-making, painting and journaling/lettering without sacrificing any of it. 

The first project that I decided I need to focus on is finishing my series of acrylic paintings, as I definitely won't be working with acrylics nor will I take my supplies with me once I leave for college. So this is something I need to finish now. I've cleared the surface of the table I was mostly using for painting anyway, and took my acrylics from the under the bed compartment where they were kept and put them right there.

And the final look at my computer area, which I've decided to also use for sketchnote/writing/drawing area, because I usually do those things while looking at the screen anyway.



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