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I promise that I'll run away with you


I finally finished this project and I am already thinking about the next one! I might just work in it before the final deadline of the class.


The wording needed to be contained, so per Mary Kate's feedback, I worked in a banner. My first attempt was a banner that wrapped around the bow but it looked very tattoo like. NOT what I was going for. What I ended up with was two independant banners that are held up with long arrows - very chivalrous and the vibe I was going for. I also made the main arrow double as a "hobo stick" because I felt that was essential to the youthful, playful run away idea. I still may want to refine the large arrow, but please any and all feedback to this new version is helpful!


I got a lot of feedback outside of Skillshare about my project and everyone overwhelmingly picked the bow and arrow theme. I liked it, but felt it needed to be more refined and readable. Here is the latest version. It was a scan so the lines are no as crisp as they are on the drawing.

***** UPDATE 11/2: FINAL 3 SKETCHES *****

I picked three of my faves. They are all very different and I am stuck! Which do I choose?

****UPDATE 10/25: THUMBNAILS*****

I had so many directions and so many thumbails, but I narrowed it down to these 6. Feedback is MUCH appreciated!

I probably started with a list of six or eight sayings/quotes/lyrics that I loved. I weeded some out simply because they didn't have a real selling power - I am planning to use the final product in some of my paper goods when it is complete. It needed to be general enough but image and thought provoking. In the end, I selected a line from a song that is very personal between me and my husband from the Cure song, Just Like Heaven. My hope is to make it evoke the feeling of running away with someone you love, maybe the way you felt running away was like when you were a kid. These are some of my images from my inspiration board!


******Based on some feedback, I've added this neat piece to my mood board!******

I also have found some other travel posters/labels and fonts I love...


So I thought the best word(s) to practice were "run away". Here is what I came up with. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Got great feedback about referencing vintage fruit and travel labels. I added these to my mood board. I like little elements of each. What do you think?


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