I procrastinate...

I procrastinate... - student project

I procrastinate... - image 1 - student project

I often wear a lot of big poofy jumpers so I wanted that to stand out about my character, also I love converse. When making my model sheet I found this setting that allowed me to overlay textures like screen-tone, so I think it made the design look a lot nicer.

I procrastinate... - image 2 - student project

The comic is based on a struggle I have when wanting to start or continue a project, and found any reason not to, eg; making tea, having a shower, watching a movie. And by the end of the day I feel disappointed in myself lol

I procrastinate... - image 3 - student project

I've always preferred to draw traditionally, so I scanned in the comic and darkened the lineart; and of course colouring it digitally, I kinda like the look it gives the comic this way. Also I struggle a bit at posing my characters so don't judge me too hard ^^'

Had a lot of fun with this, thanks Sarah!

Nathan Beers
Illustrator and aspiring animator