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Nuria Otte

Illustrator and Printmaker



I never did a doodle before


I'm Nuria Otte. I'm an Illustrator, Printmaker and T-shirt designer. I've never made doodles before. My work is very realistic and accurate and I really needed to make more free and fresh things.  I'll make five A3 screens to print them on paper, on t-shirts  or make a really big screens a print a big piece of fabric. I don't know now. I've chosen a soft palette to make a contrast with the "mess" of the design.

I've started doodling with a black pen but was a little bit flat, so I scanned it and printed it in blue, to paint on it with different pens and to change what I didn't like.

After cleaned it with Photoshop, I save it to open it in Illustrator

This is the final artwork.

Thanks for watching!



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