Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

Hand letterer, illustrator, master doodler



I need cats like I need butt implants!

I chose my phrase from one of my favorite holiday movies: Opus, A wish for Wings That Work. A movie about a penguin that want to fly.

It was a toss up between this or a quote from Planes Trains and Automobiles. I think if I have time I may letter this one as well once I've finished the first one. "Welcome to Witchita!"


I'm already using the steps from this class for my client work. :) I did some of them already it turns out, but I felt so much more inspired after watching the videos. As soon as I catch up tomorrow I will start this project. :)


Inspiration. I have a hard time narrowing things down for inspirating because I love so many different styles. So I have a lot, and then a separate page with Christmas inspiration, cards, borders, color, etc.

And the Christmas inspiration. My favorite images here are the bottom right "Sugar Plums" and the top right "Scottie Dogs".

ETA: Some additional images of lettering from the actual movie.


word list. Some of these are word associations from the movie. It's a funny scene and this is just a small blurb. I'm uploading from my iPhone for now but I will replace the image tomorrow so it's the correct orientation. 


First explorations:


UPDATE 11-5-13

Thinking about changing my phrase. I thought I'd have a blast doing this one, but nothing is coming to me that I'm liking. I will be posting a few different phrases later on today that I want to try instead.


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